We at Coxs Brothers also cover a large wholesale round throughout Sudbury and the surrounding areas. We cater for pubs, restaurants, cafes, takeaways, independent shops as well as offices, nursing homes, schools and nurseries. We run our wholesale rounds off the back of our traditional market stall on a Saturday baed on Sudbury market and modern home deliveries aspect of the business Coxs Boxes. Our expertly selected produce is sourced from local and regular suppliers throughout Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk, Kent and Londons New Covent Garden fruit market in Central London and New Spitalfields wholesale market at Stratford, where we visit 3-5 nights a week depending on the time of year. We do our up most best to provide the highest standard and quality. Fairly priced and sold at box or each price to meet the needs and requests of our regular and new customers. From a sack of carrots to candy floss grapes, if you require it we will do our best to get it for you. Orders for our wholesale round are taken via text message directly to our head buyer, who can give rough guide prices and info of availability at request. 


We have a friendly relationship with all of our customers. Neil from Boxford Stores regularly visits our Saturday Stall for a restock for the weekends trade in his local shop.

Jumbo flat mushrooms and little gems lettuce supplied by us and perfected by Station Road.

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