At Cox Brothers, we pride ourselves on our diversity when it comes to what we stock on our self service stalls and what we sell on our website. Over the years of growing up around fresh produce, fruit, veg and many other products, we have developed a knowledge and passion for trading and quality. We aim to provide the highest standard of produce that remains fresh alongside products from trusted suppliers and contacts we’ve acquired from working within the family business and building Coxs Brothers, a successful independent greengrocer supplying the people, homes and businesses of Sudbury, Suffolk and it's surrounding areas.


Markets are how it all started for us back in 2016 when we ventured into Cox Brothers. We have been part of Sudbury’s Thursday and Saturday market for 4 years now, starting with our traditional old fashioned serve over stall where we would personally serve each customer and attend rain, wind, snow and sunshine to put out a flash service to the people of Sudbury at the top of Market Hill. Our family before us have also attended this market for over 35 years including our Dad and Uncle who originally had the pitch many years ago.  

We offer a unique and modern spin of retail fruit, veg and salad on our self-service stall which has found to be far more popular and superior to the old hat way in our opinion. Please visit Market Hill, Sudbury, Suffolk to see us in action. We attend various other locations over the seasonal trading periods such as shows and Sunday Markets as well as Bank Holiday Markets throughout London, Essex, Suffolk and Cambridge.

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