Coxs Boxes

At Coxs Brothers we pride ourselves on our diversity when it comes to what we stock on our self service stalls and what we sell on our website via Coxs Boxes. From exotic fruits in our set fruit box’s to locally sourced berries in our berry box's, we use local farmers throughout Suffolk and Essex to helps us maintain the fresh aspect of what we do. Over the years of growing up around fresh produce, fruit, veg and many other products - come to think of it being brought up on our family market stalls and seeing what traders get there hands on to make a quick buck from or earn a living out of, we have developed a knowledge and passion for trading and quality.

We aim to provide the highest standard of produce that remains fresh alongside products from trusted suppliers and contacts we’ve acquired from working within the family business and building Coxs Brothers, a successful independent greengrocer supplying the people, homes and businesses of Sudbury, Suffolk and it's surrounding areas.

When it comes to produce we have no limits to fit your requirements. We will always do our upmost best to provide you with the standard of produce or product you require.  

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