We’ve started our Christmas procedure people! 

So you know how it works this year we’ve decided to implement a new system.

We’ve started giving slots to our regular weekly customers to ensure they, as well as everyone, get their Christmas delivery on their preferred/selected day. It’s simple, keep an eye out for Jonnie over the next  few weeks if you're expecting him and he’ll have the raffle tickets at the ready. From the 1st of November we will announce that we’re taking Christmas orders and the Christmas weeks rounds will become available to preorder on our website or over the phone via our newly appointed Customer Service team member. The website will be set up to pre book your slot which will work on a first come first serve basis. We anticipate to be able to cope with the demand over the festive period comfortably and maintain our usual high standards and friendly, genuine service as well as the new established in home deliveries aspect of retail Greengrocers, Wholesalers, Self Service Street and Market Traders. We aim to Prioritise our weekly supporters and long serving regulars as well as meet the needs of new customers to ensure they become a regular. 


We hope this gives you some reassurance and keep an eye out for Jonny on the next three weeks rounds!


Raffle tickets require a £10 cash deposit which will be returned when your delivery arrives through the Christmas rounds 🥕

Rounds will start:

Monday 21st

Tuesday 22nd 

Wednesday 23rd 

(Christmas Eve) Thursday 24th (deliveries running till approximately 1pm)

Followed by annual holiday Friday 25th - Monday 4th 

Returning to rounds Tuesday 5th

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